Friday, May 10, 2013

Moving - Corvallis to Summerville, CA

Thursday, April 18th was the major traveling day of my move. I got up, showered, ate some breakfast, packed up some food in my cooler, and headed out!

New ring
The first stop was just across the street from my house, where I stopped to answer a phone call from my mom. Then I was off again to the next stop: downtown Corvallis to pick up the ring I bought myself as a graduation present. I got the ring from Richard Gretz Goldsmiths in downtown Corvallis. It is a small white gold ring with some scrollwork on either side of a center stone. It originally had a diamond in it, but I had them set a light blue sapphire instead. I've never worn or bought nice jewelry before, but I fell in love with the ring during a Downtown Corvallis Wine Walk in March and decided that it would make a perfect graduation present :)

Then the journey really began!

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 I drove out of Corvallis, got on I-5, and headed south to Eugene. From Eugene I headed over the Cascades on Highway 58 along the Willamette River. Along the way I stopped at a park in Oakridge to stretch. The park was right along the river, and was probably the greenest and wettest place I will see for awhile.

Willamette River
Jasper in the car
Over the crest
After going over the Cascade crest, I turned on Highway 97 toward Klamath Falls. In Klamath Falls I got on 137 and  headed into California. I kept expecting to go through an agricultural checkpoint, since California is very strict about what types of plant materials can be brought into the state, but I never saw one. I drove in and out of the Modoc National Forest, which was sometimes not really forest at all, but grassland, sage, and juniper. It was very pretty, and very empty. For long stretches I saw no cars. Jasper and I stopped occasionally to get out and stretch, but we mostly just drove.
Modoc National Forest

Roadside stop

Almost to Susanville, and a sign for Reno!

Jasper was very happy to be out of the car
Around 6pm I drove into Susanville, California and stopped for the night. I got a room at a hotel and ate dinner at a local diner. Jasper even got some of my leftover meatloaf! After a long day of driving and the previous night spent on the floor, it was nice to have a bed to sleep in.

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