Friday, May 29, 2015

Going to the Birds

My apartment is becoming a birdhouse, it seems! I've had a couple nests outside my bedroom window for most of the spring, and every morning I wake up to chirping. This is usually very pleasant--bird noises are a nice and gentle way to wake up. But sometimes it can actually be a bit confusing, because my alarm sound is also birds chirping, and sometimes I'm not sure if the chirps I hear are real birds or just the alarm!
One of the bird nests outside my bedroom window

This week, the bird takeover got even more serious.On Monday, I came home from work to find a pair of ducks acting like they wanted to make a nest under the tree by my front door!
Ducks nesting?!?
They pretty much just sat there and looked at me, until I finally decided I had to move them away so that Jasper wouldn't scare them to death when I brought him outside. Ducks are one of Jasper's favorite things to chase, although he doesn't discriminate too much between ducks, squirrels, cats, mice, rats, chickens, quail, rabbits, lizards, and even flies.

They looked like a happy couple. I haven't seen them come back, so I guess they must have found a better spot to call home. But the chirping birds are still keeping me company in the morning!

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