Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Found a place to live!

I flew to Carson city today to look for a place to live, and found a place by noon! 

It was a pretty stressful morning because my flight got delayed so I had to make some last minute changes. The apartment hunting itself was also stressful because it affects my life for the next few months. I'm still not 100% sold on Carson, but I think it will be fine, and I'm starting to get more excited.There weren't too many options, so the process was pretty quick. I'll be living in a 2 bedroom townhouse close enough to my new office to walk to work. It faces a large field and is an end unit, so it should be nice and quiet. Andy flew down from Washington to help, which was really nice. He had to do a lot of sitting and waiting, and I kept promising him that someday we will go on a fun vacation. 

First we looked at three different apartment complexes. I pretty much knew which one I wanted, but we spent some time sitting in a McDonalds parking lot so I could make a decision. Then I had to figure out how to get a cashiers check because I forgot my checkbook. This involved finding a credit union affiliated with my credit union in Corvallis, and giving them my account information. Once they accessed my account it was exactly like being at home--so nice! Got the cashiers check, headed back to the apartment office, got the rental application turned in, apartment hunt complete!

Then we headed to Tahoe. We wanted to get to the waterfront, but ended up wandering around the  Heavenly Village because all the beaches seemed to be private. I was also completely exhausted, and all I really wanted to do was sleep. It was pretty cool to see the ski lifts going straight up from the resort! There were little girls running around in bathing suits and skiers dressed up in winter coats! It is really beautiful, and so cool that it is so close to Carson!

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