Sunday, April 14, 2013

Moving has started

My move to Carson City has gotten underway in the last few days. I've been sorting through clothes and papers and closets, getting rid of stuff I don't need. My house is kind of torn apart, but I can't really pack anything because the moving company is doing that. So I have lots of piles of stuff. All the pictures are off the walls and on the floor. I've been trying to figure out which stuff to take with me and which stuff to send with the movers. Not much fun, but I am getting really excited to move!

I also had a really nice gathering with a bunch of good friends on Thursday. It was really nice to see the wonderful people I have met during my time in Corvallis, but tough to say goodbye. I will miss them for sure!

This is a picture of Peggy right before the party started. Brownies and angel food cake--yum!

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